J. Ghost started off as rap artist Teflon Vest. Rapping and producing for the majority of his career. Only to do a few hooks during that time. He uploaded a video singing "If I ever fall in love", by Shai and it went viral. Overwhelming amounts of fans asked him did he have any R&B songs. At tat time , he hadn't released any R&B songs. He decided to release a few R&B songs in his following rap album, All My Imperfections, Prestine Facade, and Point of No Return to name a few. With those successful album under his belt, he decided to venture on a new journey, Making a complete R&B album. This also seemed like the time to create a separation from Teflon vest rap, and J. Ghost was born. His new R&B album Exodus  coming summer August 06, 2019

jghost im n2u
Im n2u remix3.3bigletters
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